Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Importance Of Reading

     Reading to your  babies is very important for them to develop their speech skills. Even if they have no idea what the story is about, the only thing that matters is that they are hearing the words.
     At just a few months old, an infant is able to look at pictures, listen to your voice, and point to objects on cardboard pages. By drawing attention to pictures and associating words with both pictures and real world objects, your child will learn the importance of language. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Learning To Walk

     My son Hayden just turned one year old, and now hes walking like crazy! Its very scary because just a year ago he was a newborn that i could hold, cuddle, and wouldn't move much. Now i cant hold him without him wanting to get down and move around. I didnt think he was going to walk for awhile, but he is! Dont rush your kids into walking, they will eventually do it when they are ready. Help your child to start walking though, arrange the furniture so their steps will take them around the room. When they fall, do not make a big deal out of it, just encourage them to get up and try again. When your child does begin to walk, block off stairs and other dangerous areas with baby gates, pad sharp edges on tables, and cover your electrical outlets. Then have fun watching your child grow and get into everything!

Written by Ryley Beckwith (Hope Academy Student)

Baby Skin Tags

     Acrochordon also commonly known as a skin tag are very common. Both males and females can equally get them, even small, little babies. When babies get them, depending on the place of the skin tag, doctors recommend removing it especially if it is uncomfortable. That's what they didn't do with my daughters. Hers was right on her private parts and every time she would try to pass stool it would cause her extreme pain. The doctor told us to do many different things, like put Desitin or A&D ointment on her bottom. That helped with the rash but the skin tag was still there.
     We were going to the doctor at least twice a week and they told us the same thing every time which was, "It will just go away". I couldn't just let her scream bloody murder every time she passed stool so i finally said, "Really help me or you'll lose me as a patient!". They finally gave me advice that helped. They told me to give her a bath every night, put A&D ointment on after every diaper change, even if only wet, and to just make sure she is always clean down there. Shes happier than ever! The lesson to learn is that skin tags can be treated and to always be assertive with your child's pediatrician if nothing is being done.

Written by a Hope Academy Student.

Example of a skin tag:

Caring For Tear Duct Blockage

     My experience when I first saw my sons watery right eye was being worried and scared. I didn't know what to do. I learned it was a blocked tear duct. Its when the eyes drainage system for tears is either partially or completely obstructed. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about and just massage it and it will eventually get better. The way to massage it is to put your finger to the corner of the baby's eye and massage it in a circular shape. Massage puts pressure on the lacrimal sac to pop open the membrane at the bottom of the tear duct.

Written by Tina Yang. (Hope Academy Student)

Example of a blocked tear duct:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shots Or Not?

Lots of parents are very unsure about whether or not their babies should get all the recommended vaccinations. I just had the doctors give my son all the ones they felt were necessary because that's what my mom did with me so I just thought why not?

Reasons why some people are against vaccinations:

  • They could break out in measles 
  • They could get a rash
  • They could have an allergic reaction
  • The parent just does not see the point in getting them
  • Some religions are against them
Reasons why people are for vaccinations:

  • Prevent major health problems
  • Some shots could even save your life

The Importance Of Play

Children need time to play alone but they also need lots of time to play with another person, whether it be another child or an adult.

Children crave time with parents. It makes them feel special. Parents are encouraged to find time to spend playing with their kids on a regular basis. This should include one to one with each child and group time with all of the adults and kids in the home. If you are a single parent or have an only child, occasionally invite family or friends over to play.

Some possible games to play:

  • Play outdoors. Throw balls. Push kids on swings. Make mud pies. Go on a hike around the neighborhood. Take a nature walk in your backyard.

  • Play games – card games – board games – silly and wacky kids games. Help them learn to take turns, how to win and how to loose. Praise them. Encourage them. Laugh with them.
  • Get involved in a craft project together. Build a jigsaw puzzle as a family. Bake cookies. Paint a picture
  • .
  • Listen to music together. Sing along. Play rhythm instruments along with music. Get out the guitar or keyboard and make music
  • .
  • Read a book together. Ask questions. Ask them to change the story or make up a new one.
  • Watch a movie together. Find out what they liked – how they felt. Discover the child’s interests. Comment on and discuss any bothersome content either words or actions.
  • Play kid games like: Follow the Leader – Guess What I Am? – Hide and Seek

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Routines! Routines! Routines!

Routines are very important to have for your baby, it helps them develop a sense of security. 

Although toddlers do not like sleeping at times, most fuss when they are about to go to bed because they don't want to miss anything.  You may want to keep your toddler up later or put them to bed earlier to have more time for yourself, whatever it may be bedtime needs to be the same time each night.

What may help your child fall asleep more quickly? 
  • Let them take one special thing to bed, whether it be a toy or a blanket
  • Read them a story
  • Breastfeed or give them a bottle
  • Sing to them
This may take a half hour, but they need this time to relax. Do the same thing with your baby each night, this will make you and your child happy.